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    US FIREARMS | USFA Single Action Revolver

**Temporarily not accepting orders for USFA’s due to manufacturer’s inability to deliver.**

"From Box to Holster"

USFA Revolvers are some of the finest 100% American made Cowboy Action® revolvers on the market today.
Consecutive serial numbers are available at no extra charge - a $100.00 savings!
All standard USFA markings will remain on the gun.

We are a full line dealer of USFA. Visit the USFA website and contact us for a quote on models not listed here.

USFA Single Action Revolver


  • Grips: USFA Hard Rubber
  • Finish: Old Armory Bone Case™ and Dome Blue™ finish
  • Frame Style: (Black Powder frame available at extra cost)
  • Barrel lengths: 4 ¾", 5 ½", 7 ½"
  • Calibers: 32 WCF, 38 Special, 38 WCF, 44 Special, 44 WCF, 45 Colt
  • Can also be ordered with a low profile hammer, see Rodeo LP




Rear sights widened from .108 inch to .140 inch


Forcing cone cut to 11 degrees


Comes with a crisp, no creep trigger pull


Replace factory flat “hand” spring. The frame is drilled and a Ruger style coil spring is installed for reliability.


Factory main spring is replaced with a Lee's Gunslinger flat spring for a smooth, reliable cocking motion while maintaining a quick hammer drop


Factory flat “trigger/bolt” spring is replaced with a wire spring for added strength.


Relieve Hammer .007" on each side to eliminate drag marks. Then the hammer is machine jeweled or plain polished per customer request.


    With Standard Hammer:
    $1045.00 each + Shipping: $25.00 for one gun. $5.00 for each additional gun.

    With Low Profile Hammer:
    $1070.00 each + Shipping: $25.00 for one gun. $5.00 for each additional gun.


NOTE: All guns MUST be shipped to a Federal Firearms License holder. NO gun(s) will be shipped without a copy of an original, signed FFL. We recommend that you contact your local FFL dealer to make arrangements for delivery - most FFL dealers will handle such a transaction for a minimal fee. For more info or help, contact us before ordering.

To order you must Contact Us Directly

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