{ Ordering Your Gun Leather }

When ordering a gun rig, getting us the correct size is the most important but difficult part. Making sure the sizing and measurements are done correctly is vital to insure proper fitting, otherwise we will need to contact the customer for additional clarification. 

We ask for jean size on the order form as a reference for us. (your jean size cannot be the same as your actually size) If a customer entered size 34 in jeans and ordered a 34” gun belt, and we enter the order as is the belt is always to small.

It is important to measure exactly where you will wear your gun belt. Use a tape measure and place it around you making sure to not pull it too tight. This measurement is your “actual size.” The center hole of your gun belt will be this measurement to the nearest even number. (whichever way your prefer) i.e. 37” actual would probably be a 38” center with two inches of adjustment either way.

Note: Your “Actual Size” will usually be about 4-6 inches larger than your jean size. Always measure, there are of course no returns on custom built leather ordered incorrectly.