{ Ruger New SASS Vaquero }

"From Box to Holster"

Long Hunter is now offering the Ruger SASS Vaquero revolver. Officially developed with SASS® for cowboy-action shooters, this consecutive serial number, two-gun set boasts a “SASS” prefix and all the features and modifications you want in America’s favorite single-action revolver - the popular Vaquero®. Designed with the competition shooter in mind, these revolvers have a high-polish stainless steel finish, .140" rear notch sights, and the lower and wider Montado-style hammer. Available in .357 Magnum with 4-5/8'' barrels and 45 Colt with 5 ½” barrels.

In addition, this Ruger SASS Vaquero comes with the standard "Long Hunter Box to Holster" features. See below.

Our Price Includes the Following Custom Work:

  1. Hone all internal parts and replace springs
  2. Rework sear and hammer for crisp 2 1/2lb. trigger pull
  3. Re-cut forcing cone to 11 degrees
  4. Square barrel face
  5. Check cylinder gap and head space
  6. Free spin cylinder upon request

LHSS Stock Price: "Out of Stock"

$1,845.00 per set + $35.00 S/H


Additional Ruger Work: Includes Parts & Labor

Taper cylinder and ejector rod housing

$45.00 USD

Serrate front sight: 40 lines per inch

$20.00 USD

Cut muzzle crown to 11 degree and polish

$70.00 USD

Install power custom oversize cylinder latch

$65.00 USD

Install power custom half cock hammer & trigger

$195.00 USD

Bead blast stainless frame

$30.00 USD

NOTE: To order just call us direct.  We simply need a faxed or emailed copy of the FFL for the dealer of your choice after placing your order.  We recommend that you contact your local FFL dealer to make arrangements for delivery - most FFL dealers will handle such a transaction for a minimal fee. For more info or help, contact us before ordering.