{ Deluxe Edition Uberti 1861 Navy }

"From Box to Holster"

Features: Round barrel, steel case hardened frame, back strap and trigger guard.

The pioneer of its time, the LH Deluxe Edition of the 1861 Navy is a step to the next level in reliability and shooting prowess.  A continuation of much research and development the Deluxe Package makes this sidearm the one of the most desirable revolving blackpowder pistol for competion and field use, second only to the LH Premier Reproductions. Greatly increased accuracy, reliability, smoothness, and function, the LH Deluxe 1851 is ready to go to work right out of the box with no tweaking or adjustment necassary.  Extensive individual gunsmithing goes into every revolver to bring it up to spec. This exceeds the work required for a cartridge pistol. (i.e. hardening of soft parts, coil hand spring, etc.) But, for those who desire this legendary weapon for what is was and what it can be we offer the LH Deluxe Percussion Series, the pioneer of their time, in 1851, 1860, and the 1861 Navy.

Our New Anti Cap Jam system is available for this model and eliminates cap jams under fast shooting conditions. It is unlike any previously attempted systems (like the Manhattan) and fits into the gun without stepping out of period.  Internal cap shelf acts as a blast shield and prevents caps from ejecting to the immediate rear under fire or falling into the action afterwards while cocking. The system does not eliminate the original safety notches for the cylinder either! Click here for picture.

The latest innovation to the LH Deluxe Percussions finally eliminates the greatest missing piece of the reproduction puzzle.  Correct Cylinder Bore Diameter!  The LH Deluxe 1861 is available in the new .378 cylinder bore to yield the greatest accuracy and power possible.  The New .378 Bore Cylinders extrude a projectile of correct size to fit the barrel and seal.  Factory Cylinders are .371'-.372" diameter so the ball or conical will be 0.004-.005" smaller than the barrel.  This creates the gas cutting we all deal with and creates the erratic velocities these pistols are previously attributed with. Any LH Deluxe .36 Caliber with the .378 bore will yield standard deviations as low as 15 fps across a 21 shot spread. (that's without cleaning). These pistols will give incredible accuracy even rivaling modern handguns with correct loading techniques. However, the increased bore diameter mandates the use of .380" diameter balls.  All traditional bullet molds of reputable manufacture will produce these diameters.  Yet, we all know the difficulty finding sprueless swagged .380" lead balls now.  So Long Hunter's has acquired a process of manufacture to offer .380 Balls at a reasonable cost.  Cast balls are available everywhere in the .380" dia. but we offer the swagged variety, slightly hardened, and sprueless that yield incredible accuracy. The .378 Bore is not included with standard custom work.

Price reflects the work detailed below. All work is done in house by our own skilled gunsmiths.

Offered in all configurations and finishes available from Taylors, Cimarron, and Uberti. 


Our Price Includes the Following Custom Work:

  1. Hone, and rework all internal parts
  2. Replace springs with high quality U.S. springs (Lee's "Gunslinger Spring Kit")
  3. Rebuild and harden single tooth hand.
  4. Rebuild and harden bolt cam as necessary
  5. Drill frame for Coil type Hand Spring and install.
  6. Correct Bolt engagement and position
  7. Rework sear and hammer for crisp 2 1/2lb. trigger pull
  8. Re-cut forcing cone to 11 degrees
  9. Square and smooth barrel face
  10. Correct Cylinder gap for fouling
  11. Correct timing and advance or delay bolt drop as necessary
  12. Install Slix-Shot Stainless Steel Nipples
  13. Correct Arbor Length in Frame

Note: Every revolver that comes from LHSS is carefully inspected for defects before our work is done.  All above mentioned work and parts are required for percussion revolvers to achieve the standard set forth by LHSS as our stock gun. No omissions.  As always with percussion firearms ultimate reliability and function rests in the hands of the loader and shooter as much as the firearm.  Warranty is restricted to manufacturer defects and the workmanship of LHSS. 



- 1861 Navy .36 Cal -

Barrel Length 7-1/2 Inch Round
Caliber .36
Capacity 6
Weight 2.60 lbs
Finish Steel case-hardened frame, steel backstrap, steel trigger guard
Grip/Stock Walnut
Manufacturer Uberti
Sights Blade Front
Overall Length 13 Inches

LHSS Price:

$645.00 each + Shipping: $30.00 for one gun. $5.00 for each additional gun.



Additional Custom Work: Includes Parts & Labor

New .378 Cylinder Bore (requires .380" dia. balls)  $100.00
Install New, Low Profile, Anti Cap Jam System - Click to View  $75.00
11 Degree Muzzle Crown  $75.00


To order just contact us directly. 806-342-0000 or jim@longhunt.com