Long Hunter DVD

Long Hunter DVD
Long Hunter DVD
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Can watch the DVD for "Free" on our website and YouTube. This is for the two disc set:

One on One with Long Hunter Learn the Basics, Tactics, and Advanced skills of Cowboy Action Shooting with World Champion Action Shooter Jim Finch, aka Long Hunter. The first step to getting started in Cowboy Action Shooting is breaking down the mental block preventing you from success. This sport is a lot of fun and not as complicated as it looks. Let Long Hunter demonstrate simple steps toward success. Manage three different types of firearms on the clock while maintaining the course of fire. Long Hunter will start from the very beginning, taking the prospective new shooter through proper equipment requirements and show you what to expect at the first match. This DVD will take you from the basics to the advanced skills, opening up the door to a fun sport enjoyed by over 100,000 shooters worldwide. Even the old dogs might pick up a thing or two from Long Hunter. 2 Disc DVD set, menu options to skip to specific sections:


Disc One: 

-New Shooters

 -Handgun -Rifle



Disc Two: 

-Important Basic Skills


-Proper Practice

-Preparing for the Match


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