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1873/1866 End Cap Wrench - Slix-Slot
Are you tired if breaking screw drivers and buggering up the slot and face of your magazine tube scr..
Liquid Grip Chalk - Made in U.S.A.
 Liquid Grip is a water based hydrocellulose thickener that allows for rosin and chalk to mix i..
SliXprings - Slix-Hand
The Slix-hand is a cheater bar designed for blackpowder shooters and will fit the Colt 1851, other p..
SliXprings - Slix-Ram
Want to shoot reduced loads without adding a filler? Want to lose the hassle of using a second in..
SliXprings - SliX-Scraper
A tool to CLEAN and RESTORE .357, .45, and 44mag Chambers   Remove carbon and lead foulin..
SliXprings - Slix-Sizer/Checker
A "Must Have" for SxS Cowboy Action Shotgun Competition      A ..
Spanner Wrench
""In Stock"" Stop using a hammer and punch to remove and tighten the firing p..
Sure Hit 1873/1866 Magazine End Cap Wrench
Sure Hit 1873/1866 End Cap Wrench. This product is precision made with hollow ground bits to withsta..
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