Long Hunter's Premier

 - Model 1851 Navy -

Brass Frame Civilian

London Civilian

Iron Frame Civilian

U.S. Army and Navy Model

In a category of their own these premier reproductions are without a doubt the finest ever built to date. The most legendary firearm to grace the 19th century, these reproductions have been rediscovered and meticulously crafted by the gunsmiths at Long Hunter’s.  Made in Amarillo, Texas with the highest standards we could muster the LH Premium reproduction line are superior, first in performance, as well as appearance to all previous attempts to reproduce the once dependable sidearm of yesteryear.  

The Percussion revolver has been a dream project of Long Hunter's now for many years.  Our goal, was to reproduce a firearm that was as accurate and dependable as men like Bill Cody and Bill Hickok made them out to be. We have finally facilitated a method of in house manufacturing that produces the most accurate, dependable and authentic '51 Navy reproduction built in the last 125 years. Basic barrel assemblies and frames are supplied to us by Taylor's & Co. of Winchester, VA. All final machining is done in house. (Note: Cylinders are not interchangeable with other brands - Uberti, Pietta, etc.) The 1851 Navy Model can be ordered and custom built to most any specification originally offered or to any specification desired.   Production began with serial number 1 in 2017 and will be built sequentially. The LH Premier reproductions are built first and foremost to shoot and to out shoot all the competition.  With bright color cased frames and hardware done in house and a vintage, American made walnut box one might mistake this for a collector’s market gun.  These weapons were designed to be used and have been reproduced as such.



All LH Premier reproductions have been roll marked with impeccable likeness to the originals they are built to reproduce.  Long Hunter's manufacturing mark is placed proudly but discreetly under the loading lever. The dubious "Colonel" Samuel Colt's address and personal patent on barrel and frame. Factory inspector’s initials are present and personalized to the individual gunsmiths performing the inspection before leaving our shop.  Models produced are London and Late New York Address 4th Model’s both military and civilian (cir. 1860-1872). Which best emulates the production of firearms used in the Civil War and Western Expansion. Cylinder scene is of the battle between the Texas and Mexican Navy in 1843 and serial numbered to the gun. (these are proofed cylinders) 4th Models have beveled loading slot.







All Models include minor and inconspicuous improvements internally to either compensate for modern deficiencies or improve longevity and durability. These design improvements include the LH internal anti cap jam and a coil hand spring.  Each gun includes a collar introduced in the 1860’s patents by Richards and Mason as well as an additional set of stainless steel Slix-Shot nipples seen above.






The sight options are made to exactly mimic original examples in appearance and performance.  Including the common brass post or dovetail sight examples produced. The brass post unlike modern “look alike” reproductions is threaded into the barrel and includes 3 different height posts that interchange to help the marksman reach the ideal bullet elevation impact. This comes standard on all guns.

The dovetail front sight option was produced throughout the entire serial range (1850-1872) in no real particular concentration except in early 4 screw models or specific government orders.  It was mostly ordered on an individual bases by customers back in the day. This option is available on all models including the London for an additional charge.


 LH Premier 1851 Navy barrels have 7 groove left hand twist rifling, precision cut and hand lapped to replicate the original appearance and performance as close as possible and perhaps improve it a bit affordably.  Bore is cut for 0.380” projectiles only. One pass of a tight fitting patch will reveal the amount of time we spend on our barrel assemblies.  Our barrels clean faster, and foul less than any previous reproduction offered to date right out of the box.  All barrels are precision crowned, and stamped with inspectors initial upon final examination. These old legends give mighty fine accuracy, far surpassing most modern handguns.

Grip options are currently limited to walnut either in matted oil finish or hand rubbed varnish.  Oil finish was standard on military firearms while civilian finish (both wood and metal) was superior in appearance for obvious reasons. 

LH Premier internals are fit, and assembled to work like a Swiss watch.  Triggers come standard set at 2.5 lbs.

 Note: Many people confuse factory markings with military inspector markings.  Military firearm options built by Long Hunter’s include the U.S. stamp present on the frame and/or U.S.N. on grip frame butt.  Military inspector marks and cartouches are not present as a standard feature as this is a world of its own full of controversy.  Military markings were placed on firearms by the government or agents acting on behalf of the military powers present in that day.  Needless to say they were hastily and cheaply done by hand usually on top of and marring the original factory finish. Original looking military marking requests will be handled on an individual and special order bases.